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Giffie: Learning to read

Learning to read English is a challenge. It is a challenge for tens of millions of kids even in a country like the USA where it is the primary language of communication. This struggle to read, magnified by highly irregular spelling in English, sets up a lifelong struggle to learn.

We are solving this problem by introducing an animated AI character who can talk, listen, and engage each child, while enabling learning through carefully constructed experiential narratives and storytelling.

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Sai Gaddam
Sai Gaddam is an IIT Madras alumnus, entrepreneur, and PhD in Computational Neuroscience. He is the co-author of two internationally acclaimed non-fiction neuroscience books: "Journey of the Mind" and "A Billion Wicked Thoughts." Sai is also the co-founder of Comini , an alternative micro-school located in Mumbai, India.